CMAA Code of Conduct - Behaviour Benchmark

The Country Music Association of Australia Inc and the CMAA Academy of Country Music are committed to providing a safe, respectful and inclusive work environment.  We expect representatives of the CMAA and The Academy and those we work with to conduct themselves with integrity and respect for others.

The CMAA and The Academy requires anyone involved in any capacity with the CMAA, The Academy or any CMAA and/or Academy related activities to:

  • treat everyone fairly and respectfully and act with integrity in all dealings; behave in a professional and courteous manner at all times;
  • act safely and responsibly, including as to alcohol consumption;
  • be mindful of language, conduct and behaviour at all times;
  • and operate within the law at all times.

The CMAA and The Academy requires that anyone involved in any capacity with the CMAA, The Academy or any CMAA and/or Academy related activities will not engage in, encourage or condone:

  • Any form of discrimination, harassment, vilification or bullying;
  • Any form of sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour;
  • Acts of violence or aggression or threats of violence or aggression;
  • Any illegal or unethical conduct;
  • Any conduct where a person exploits their position of power or power imbalance;
  • Any conduct that endangers the health or safety of others;
  • Or any conduct that is harmful or disrespectful to the reputation and best interests of CMAA or Academy, or its members and their respective employees.

The CMAA encourages people to speak up if they have any concerns regarding this Behaviour Benchmark or compliance with this Behaviour Benchmark by others.  You can do this by addressing an email to the attention of the CMAA Board This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The CMAA does not allow any form of retaliation against anyone for speaking up, reporting concerns of misconduct or for participating in an investigation that follows.  Anyone who speaks up in good faith or reports any misconduct will be treated fairly and respectfully.


02 September 2022